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Managed Technology Services

We provide a thorough range of technology services, custom delivered to your business. 

Technology Review

An audit review of your technology will enable Softlink to review and plan your technology journey into tomorrow.

Technology Discovery

Enables Softlink to review and plan your technology journey.

For a more thorough audit of your technology requirements, we recommend the 'Business Technology Audit'.

Included in:

Monitoring Plan +
Managed Services Plan

Business Technology Audit

Our High Level Discovery Audit of your business to discover, review, plan and manage technology in the business including:

  • Business Systems and key technology processes

  • Technology Infrastructure

  • SAAS applications and other Cloud Services

  • On premise Software and Solutions

  • Security Solutions and processes

  • Technology risks in the business

The Discovery Audit is designed to provide an overall picture of Technology currently in the business, Identifying the Key systems, infrastructure and Risks. Then develop a Technology road map outlining the Business key areas for action and prioritise aligning with the businesses goals and requirements.


After completion of the Discovery Audit further investigation and discovery would be required to action and or further develop Technology changes or resolve any gaps or risks outlined in the Technology road map.

Included in:

Business Technology Advisory Plan

Technology Plans

Our focus is to keep your technology operational, available and secure so that you can concentrate on your business. One solution does not fit all. Talk to us about the services that will work for you.

Managed Services Plan

Managed Services encompasses a full support service.


Proactive maintenance detected issues and all general business remote and on-site support that truly aligns Softlink and your business.


Technology Discovery

Monitoring Plan

Ensuring the most critical functions and areas of your IT systems are running as expected, before problems impact your business.


You are notified of any support and proactive maintenance required when any issues are detected.

Technology Discovery

Business Technology Advisory Plan

Encompasses a “Virtual CTO” to work with the Business developing to discover, review, plan and manage technology in the business to achieve the right outcomes:

  • Business Technology Plan and services

  • Identify technology needs

  • Identify Technology solutions

  • Prioritise and implement

  • Monthly Audit update and adjustment


Business Continuity plan

  • Develop and maintain and update the BCP plan

  • 6th monthly review and audit


Managed Services Plan +

Monitoring Plan +

Business Technology Audit

Enhanced Security

With the changing landscape security requirements are becoming more complex, enhanced security solutions provide the next level of security for business that have additional requirements around data protection, availability and recovery:

  • EndPoint Detection and response Solution

  • 24 x 7 Security Operation centre

  • Managed Firewall Services and advanced reporting

  • Yearly vulnerability testing

  • Advanced Security reporting

Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Recovery and Testing

A customized disaster recovery solution designed for your specific needs

  • Regular complete system Disaster Recovery testing

  • Disaster HA standby solution

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